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Facts Homes is the best source of home and garden information and the combination of interior inspirations, tricks, guides, and tips in one place online.

We create articles for everyone interested in the garden, interior, and exterior inspirations.

From young people who plan to renovate the eclectic loft, parents who look for inspiration for children rooms, to garden lovers who seek information about plants and cultivation.

In the world of internet, we believe that a blog platform is a perfect place to share the knowledge and to give people an opportunity to discover inspirations from every place in the world. Be ready for the best home and garden place online!

What will you find at FactsHomes.com?

First and foremost, we publish only exclusive, valuable content written by the experienced and well-educated team who were working in various industries during their careers.

Our experienced team consists of interior designers, architects, gardeners and landscape architects.

We all love what we do and we are more than happy to share our passion with the world.

Facts Homes provides information about furniture, decorating interiors, conversions, cleaning, garden designs and tips, garden furniture ideas and many more.

It is a perfect place for people who plan a home makeover, who would like to create a perfect garden or who are just passionate about interior design and would like to read more about it.

You will also find information about how to save money on home energy, how to choose the best vacuum cleaner, how to find the best windows and many more.

Additionally, in Facts Homes’ articles, we also provide external links to reliable, well-researched sources in order to give you more home and garden inspirations. You can be sure that external links you will find at FactsHomes.com are checked and well-suited to our content.

What is more, we would love to collaborate with industry experts who can provide exclusive content for our platform to contribute to Facts Homes.

If you have an article already written, please email us through the contact form and we will give you our feedback.

If you would like to write an article, have an idea for a topic, or have any questions, please contact us by filling in the form.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

In our work, we always look for new and improved designs to offer our clients the best solutions and ideas and to help them create their dreamy space. It’s the same with Facts Homes, where we post the best articles for you to inspire you and to give you the best Facts and Homes guides!

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