About Facts Homes

Welcome to the About Us section of our site!

We’re glad you’re here and we would like to tell you something about this place and about our team.

We are four people based in London who love their job and would like to share their experience with the world.
Our goal is to create more beautiful and accessible environment because we think that a nice home interior and a garden space can increase your happiness. Trust us, please.

How does it start?

2 years ago David worked with me, Christine, on some garden project, and I asked him whether he would like to join me to create an inspiring space online. David had no doubts about it, however, he made a suggestion to join two worlds, home, and garden, together.

He found 2 very inspiring people, Julia and Jeremy, who are interior designers and here we are! Home and garden team ready to help you create a dreamy space.

We are always looking for new and improved designs to offer our clients the best solutions and ideas. We know how difficult it might be to make the right choice when decorating your home or designing the garden, but we are here to present valuable content about it.

We love that people, almost from day one, started messaging us with direct questions regarding the articles we have published. We adore answering the questions and helping you to find the right solutions – I mean it!

Our site is a perfect place for you:

  • If you’re planning a makeover of your apartment but you don’t have a clue where to start.
  • If you’re looking for an inspiration to change something in the living room or kitchen because you’re fed up with your interior.
  • If you would like to create a perfect garden but you’ve never had a garden before and you don’t know anything about the plants and flowers.
  • If you’re looking for a general content about home and garden.

Facts Homes will be a great source of information for you!