Would you like to create an amazing garden full of colorful flowers and beautiful plants? Do you dream about spending your free time enjoying the beauty of nature right next to your house? If yes, check out the articles about gardens and plants and find out how to design a perfect garden. is created by garden interiors and flowers lovers and we are more than happy to share our passion with you. Read our Year Guide for Flowers. Pick with us the Right Furniture for Your Garden. Discover the latest Patio Designs and the best gardening tips and tricks.

Different Outdoor Game Tables

Different Outdoor Game Tables

The latest studies show that we spend approximately 11 hours of our precious time looking at screens. Most of the time that humans spend looking at screens are used in...

Woman in a greenhouse. Lady works with flowerpoots. Girl in a black apron.

Ways Gardening Can Boost Your Mental Health

Nations around the world continue to battle the disastrous effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). With global infections and deaths reaching record-breaking numbers, people are becoming prone to mental issues...

Set of realistic herbs and spices, fresh plants oregano, sage, spinach, arugula isolated vector illustration

7 Herbs You Need to Start Growing Indoors Now

Growing herbs indoors is an easy task that does not require any special gardening skills or professional experience in the horticultural field. In fact, there are numerous advantages that come...

Gardening vector, year guide for garden

Year Guide for Your Flower Garden

Flowering plants are different from trees and tend to require more maintenance. Factors such as soil, nutrition, weather and type of plant have to be analyzed well before starting to...

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