Would you like to create an amazing garden full of colorful flowers and beautiful plants? Do you dream about spending your free time enjoying the beauty of nature right next to your house? If yes, check out the articles about gardens and plants and find out how to design a perfect garden. is created by garden interiors and flowers lovers and we are more than happy to share our passion with you. Read our Year Guide for Flowers. Pick with us the Right Furniture for Your Garden. Discover the latest Patio Designs and the best gardening tips and tricks.

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Year Guide for Your Flower Garden

Flowering plants are different from trees and tend to require more maintenance. Factors such as soil, nutrition, weather and type of plant have to be analyzed well before starting to...

Beautiful fountain in the garden, summer time

How to Create the Perfect Garden

Your garden, no matter exactly what the size, is your very own little get-away from the tensions of everyday living. It might work as the location for unscripted household suppers...

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