Garden Designs

Do you wonder what is your garden’s design? Or maybe you look for inspirations because you don't know what to change in the design of your garden? We are more than happy to help you! At you will find inspirations for the right garden furniture. We present the best guide for outside furniture. Where is the best to put the garden furniture? Discover the Decorations tips and the best ideas on garden projects. Check out the Different Types of Log Cabins You Can Put in Your Garden. Read more about Brick Patterns Ideas for Your Brick Patio Designs. Check the answers at

Garden pond

Five Garden Pond Trends for 2019

While garden ponds have been around for many years and generations have enjoyed them, the way they are created, designed and built changes with trends in design and taste in...

The statue in the park

Victorian Style Gardens and Landscaping

Developments in hybridization and horticultural techniques, in addition to evolving ideas of how to display plants, meant that the Victorians increasingly controlled nature as well as working with it. Here...

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